Dominant, Residual, and Emergent


Theory construction of design

Pine & Gilmore

“Consumers will therefore choose a
product or service not only according to how
closely it matches their likes and interests (product
preference), but also on the basis of how it will
transform them, their lives or their ways of thinking
(political, social and moral inclinations).”

Encouraging a two-way relationship with their
customers will ensure they continue to be loyal to
their brand and offering, as they have contributed
towards its development. Here again, authenticity
and meaning are key, and so are the arts.

Bottled water vs Tap water 20/20

“Everest”water from Texas
“Aquafina” water from Detroit river

Bottled waters tasting the same or worst than tap water, but due to advertising unfair manipulation, consumers are lead to purchasing these products when they can get it for free.