Abstract developed

Communication design can provide an instrument for the society to gain knowledge about media literacy in advertising to decode and become aware of the role advertisements play in influencing lifestyles and purchase choices.

Us as consumers are making invalid lifestyle and purchasing choices based on the image or value the brand or company creates through advertising. (Naomi Klein, 1999) We are exposed to advertisements everyday in almost anywhere our eyes can possibly come to rest. From my personal recording I was able to see that I was exposed to over 200 advertisements in just one day. Our emotions, personalities and core values are created on what we have heard or seen. (Kalle Lasn, 2000) This means that if we are not aware and do not have the skills to read and decode media literature and techniques used in advertisements, we are under siege from all the manipulations and persuasions they feed into our brains daily. I began my design response by studying into what kinds of techniques advertisers use and how media literature is being used in advertisements to manipulate and persuade consumers.

I propose to take these ideas and develop them into form of a magazine that will be centered on decoding advertisements and educating the consumers about media literature and advertising techniques. Advertisements in magazines are considered to be one of the most helpful tools before purchasing and providing useful product information for the consumers. (Guy Consterdine, 2009) Therefore by providing the consumers with a magazine that is based in decoding advertisements, can deliver the right knowledge they need in its context.

This project sets out to use communication design in the form of a magazine to inform and educate the everyday consumers how to read and decode advertisements. This will allow the educated consumers to make better decisions when it comes to purchasing and lifestyle choices introduced from advertising. 


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