Main Idea

Main Idea:
‘To create public awareness of how advertising is trying to subliminally control how we feel and think in order to market their brand/product.”

Brands and companies are now days trying to sell us more then their products and services. We can see that now the marketing is on the way of selling us experience, emotions, and images along with the products and services they provide to be successful.
This lead to advertisement that are carefully thought out to make the audience feel and think a certain way. For example; the use of red in many fast food and restaurants as the colour red is subliminally a colour that makes people hungry.
What I want to do is create something that will teach/remind the audience of what they are really seeing in product advertisements and marketing.

In order to do this:

  • I can create something that is ‘Transparent.’ A product advertising that will market and advertise the product but taking the audience through what they are  “really seeing” and creating something that is “honest.” _ Guiding the audience through detail of advertising.
  • Creating something that is “anti-advertising” focusing on “product for product sake”, try and create a brand and product that does not try and sell emotion and image and yet focuses on the product.
  • Taking a product or a brand that already has a certain strong emotion built into it and advertising it as a totally opposite emotion, (e.g. Happy to Angry or Sad.)
  • Striping down one certain brand/product to reveal their product with out any image and emotional added to the product.

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