Concept Idea

Create a brand/product that is transparent to the advertising and marketing strategies so that the consumers can be aware of the all the advertising and marketing strategies that they face everyday. 

From thinking about what product / brand I can create to do this;
I thought about what product / brand uses the advertising and marketing strategies most effectively to their consumers.

  • Male Deodorant _ most male deodorant seems to market their product advertising towards how their products help the consumers attract more of the opposite sex.
  • Bottled water _ bottled water are one of the products that the advertising and marketing strategies are needed the most as the product itself is just water. axe-deodorant-car-washing-small-59599 lynx_20070102 photo

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Thinking into my topic

Create a transparent advertising for a product/brand to give the consumers the knowledge into what it is that they are really seeing.

The brand advertisers are controlling the way the consumers and audiences feel and think without their knowledge.

Because the consumers and the audiences that are exposed to advertisings from a certain brand / product are being triggered to feel and think a certain way.

Advertisements are everywhere now days and it is hard to place yourself away from any type of advertising.

I  realize that I can not reduce advertising that surrounds us, and I believe the brand and companies will continue to use phycology in their advertisements to control and trigger a certain emotions or thoughts to sell their product and services. Therefore what I am wanting to do is to teach and give the audience / the public the knowledge of what it is they are really looking at in advertisements.

What I want from this project is to teach and give knowledge to the audiences of advertisements that are trying to trigger emotions and thoughts from you.

Honest Cable Company

This honest cable company advertisement was created by an individual to show how the other cable company advertisements are not very honest about their product and services.

Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial

Coca-Cola has come up with the honest commercial about leading culprits in the childhood obesity.
I believe this commercial approach was created to increase the trust between the consumers and the brand.
I think Coca-Cola was able to do this as they already have a strong market placement and this honesty wouldn’t effect too much on their sales.
This was a commercial that was pointing out the some what obvious truth and by making this as a commercial and admitting to the problem the brand was able to create more trust between the consumers and the brand.

Main Idea

Main Idea:
Brands are controlling and manipulating the consumers through advertising and marketing strategies.

Why is this a problem?:
This is a problem as the consumers are being subliminally and controlled without their knowledge. 
The advertisers and brands are now controlling the way the consumers feel and react through their advertising/marketing strategies.

Concept Idea

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Creating a brand promotion / advertising that will try and create the “honest” brand.
I will focus on creating the transparent advertising / marketing strategies through a created brand and its marketing.
Explanation of what advertisers / brands are thinking as they market this product.

Concept Idea



Recipe to Advertising. A cook book based recipe book for advertising.
From this the consumers will be able to see what the advertisers are thinking and what makes advertising successful.
such as; manipulation, lying, and etc

Concept Ideas

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As the advertisers are controlling the consumers and adding more value to a product using image and emotion, This concept is to concentrate on the selling emotion part.
This concept will focus on the advertisers selling emotions along with their products, but it will focus on the emotion more than the product.