Nike ‘The False Image’ _ Vimeo

This Vimeo video talks about the false idolize status / false image the nike has created to sell their brand.


False Advertising Scandals _ Business Insider Australia

This blog / article talks about some of the false advertising scandals that has occurred before.
These are the advertisements that proves that sometimes it is hard to believe what we are being advertised to.


‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ _ Morgan Spurlock

This movie is about the Brand Marketing and Advertising today that are found everywhere.
The movie talks about the power of advertising and how advertising and branding works in our media.
It focuses on the transparency of the truth and honesty.

From this movie I was interesting in also thinking about the topic of transparency.
Looking into the false image / impression the advertising gives to the audience and peel it back
to create something honest.

Selling a Lifestyle, not just the product

Very clear and interesting talk about how Brands are selling the ‘image’ and lifestyle, sometimes more so than the product they produce.

‘Selling people a constructed dream’

“Selling people a constructed dream” _ Vision of Earth

Article about how the Brands are now selling more than their product and services.
They are selling the Brand Experience and the Image _ Which can be seen as “Selling the constructed dreams”

Brand Experience Questionnaire Example

Example of a Brand experience survey.
This can help me make sure I can ask the right questions

Research _ Data

How I could collect more data into my topic. 

Asking questions _ Survey

+ Asking the individuals brand experience _ Questions that could be asked to find out what the brand image for the consumer is

+ Covering up the logo and the brand name and asking if they could guess the brand

+ Picking a brand image and asking why they think this brand holds that image